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RapidHaul, LLC has been completing bonded utilities, construction, and paving projects as a General Contractor since 2006. With a 100% successful completion record, our company continues to build strong relationships with project owners, project managers, engineers, and bonding companies.
Listed below are some of our past projects:
  • Zapata Overlay Project Pct. 1, Phase 1
  • Siesta Shores-Davis Lane Street Improvements
  • Street and Drainage Improvements Pct. 3, Phase 2  
  • Lopeno Park Improvements
  • Park Lane Concrete Road Construction
  • Big Wells RV Park Land Development
  • Flores Drive New Road Construction
  • TWDB CID 01 Falcon Lake Estates East Sanitary Sewer Project with Lift Station
  • CDBG 713521 Alamo-Miraflores Project
  • Valle Verde Curb & Gutter Street Improvements 
  • Pennzsuppress Dust Control
  • CDBG 7216511 Street Improvements Project
        TxDOT Vendor Code #17252
        HUB Vendor ID: 1203405102400
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