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Company Profile

RAPIDHAUL, LLC was incorporated in 2005. It began hauling construction aggregates from Martin Marietta Materials in San Antonio, Texas  and providing oilfield services specializing in logistics throughout South Texas. 

Soon after in 2006, RAPIDHAUL, LLC began its next phase as a civil construction and utilities contractor. By accepting awarded bids and successfully completing bonded contracts, RAPIDHAUL, LLC has gained experience in road construction, paving,  installing storm drain pipes, water lines, sewer lines, manholes, and lift stations with automated electrical backup systems for the TWDB, municipalities, and CDBG.


Throughout the years, RAPIDHAUL, LLC has worked extensively in creating and maintaining an outstanding record by successfully completing numerous projects in the public and private sector in the state of Texas.

Highway Bridge
Looking Over Architectural Plans
Our Vision

RAPIDHAUL, LLC continues to build strong relationships by always providing excellent service. Our goals are to keep growing and expanding in our industry throughout the state of Texas. We strive to offer more employment opportunities to local workers while always maintaining a safe work environment. 

RAPIDHAUL, LLC is dedicated to continue submitting  completed projects to their project owners and clients under budget and on schedule. We will continue doing this by using the latest technological advances in the construction industry and providing the most efficient and effective strategies in Construction Management.

RAPIDHAUL, LLC is committed to improving the standard of living in our neighborhoods by enhancing the infrastructure that forms part of our daily life. We look forward to new changes, no matter how small the detail or how difficult the challenge. 


Contact us today to see how we can help you with your next project.





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